Memory2Motion is a hybrid dance piece that aims to explore the enormous and vaste link between the brain and our bodies through moving images, a camera and a photo that can capture a moment in time. A childhood memory, through an innocent melody. And touching on Alzhimer's and the forgetfulness of our everyday activities and our inner selves. Through plasticty we create an image that then merges and undulates into an elastic and continuous form where we aim to open up the horizon of our minds and bodies upon the stage. Shaping the stage into a new page. Where dance wipe's away the cobwebs of the mind. Duration: 45 Min Concept: Mehdi Duman Choreography: Mehdi Duman & Vladimir Ippolitov Dance: Vladimir Ippolitov & Mehdi Duman Assistant Choreography: Yumi Aizawa Dramaturge: Eva Marzi Music: Nims Duman Photography: Toma Knezovic & Eva Marzi Special thanks to the Grand Theatre Geneva and the ADC studios.